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g72a.jpg G72a, Accessory package for newly acquired M1 rifle

buttstock components are no longer in the sealed tube

$94.95 G72a Quantity:
g73a.jpg G73a-50, 8 round clips, Lot of 50, USA mfg

Treat your M1 rifle to mint- new U.S. made clips - SOLD OUT

$0.00 G73a-50 Quantity:
g73a.jpg G73a-100, 8 round clips, Lot of 100, USA mfg

Treat your M1 rifle to mint- new U.S. made clips - SOLD OUT

$0.00 G73a-100 Quantity:
g74b.jpg G74b, Bandoleer re-pack kit

Original Military

$39.95 G74b Quantity:
g76a.jpg G76a, 2 and 5 round reversible combo clip *

Out of Stock. NYS and hunting compliant.

Quantity   1      2 - 9     10+  
Price $5.50 $5.00 $4.50
G76a Quantity:
g76b.jpg G76b, Single round sled clip

Sorry, Temp out.

Quantity   1      2+  
Price $9.00 $8.50
G76b Quantity:
g77a.jpg G77a, Original WWII plastic oiler

Sold out

$19.95 G77a Quantity:
g78a.jpg G78a, Complete Buttstock cleaning kit

NOS USGI finger pouch, oiler and bore brush are reproduction....rod sections may not be in a sealed tube.

$39.95 G78a Quantity:
g79a.jpg G79a, Buttstock cleaning kit parts


$27.95 G79a Quantity:
g79b.jpg G79b, M10 Tool Handle $9.95 G79b Quantity:
g79c.jpg G79c, M10 Rod Section $2.50 G79c Quantity:
g80a.jpg G80a, M3A1 combination tool*

Sorry, temp out

$0.00 G80a Quantity:
g82b.jpg G82b, Web OD cotton sling* $17.50 G82b Quantity:
G84a.jpg G84a, Ratchet chamber brush

Quality Reproduction

$12.50 G84a Quantity:
g86b.jpg G86b, Slotted tip for M10 rod

Slotted tip for M10 rod section or full length one-piece rod. New U.S.G.I.

$2.50 G86b Quantity:
g87a.jpg G87a, .30 Cal bore bronze brush

Original U.S.G.I. .30 Cal bore brush. Bronze.

$2.45 G87a Quantity:
g88a.jpg G88a, cotton finger pouch

Original cotton finger pouch. 60s production. Holds cleaning kit sections, brush, and slotted tip. Fits in buttstock. Nice handy item.

$3.00 G88a Quantity:
g100a.JPG G100a, Blank Firing adapter


$14.95 G100a Quantity:
g101a.JPG G101a, 308/7.62 plastic spacer block

Navy design...SOLD OUT.

Quantity   1+  
Price $9.95
Sale / Qty discounts for a limited time. Larger Qty's inquire.
G101a Quantity:
IMG_6426 G102, Fleece Lined Garand Case

Sorry, temp out.

$34.95 Quantity:

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